Celebrate 150 years of God’s Faithfulness at FPCD with PRAY150

The First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen is celebrating 150 years of God’s faithfulness to the ministry here in Dunellen, NJ. This is how it all started:

On September 5, 1870, a committee met in a building known as the Dunellen Academy on New Market Road (directly back of the Whittier School building) and after prayer, decided to proceed with the organization of the First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen. Fourteen people presented letters from other churches and one was received by baptism and confession of faith, making a total of fifteen members of the infant church. Three elders were elected and installed, and notice was given of “Divine service next Sabbath, and for the present, in the R.R. Station.”  On September 5, 2020, 150 years later, we praise God for his faithfulness. “To God be the glory; great things He has done!”

While there are many ways we could celebrate, we are choosing to shine our spotlight on Jesus! God is the one who started this great work in 1870 and He is the one who has promised to bring it to completion on the day of Christ Jesus.

We are celebrating our church’s 150th anniversary by asking the whole church to pray Isaiah 61:11, that God would “make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” That means we are praying for people to be formed into the image of Jesus and for God to be worshipped in our lives and in our communities. We are asking God to bring revival, restoration, renewal and awakening in our church, in Dunellen, in our local area, in NJ, in the USA and in the world. We invite you to PRAY150 with with us. 

There are 2 parts to PRAY150:

  1. Every one prays, every day for 150 days from now until the beginning of February. Pray Isaiah 61:11 for God to bring restoration, revival, renewal & awakening here. 
  2. Pray for 150 hours, that is ONE week. Pray every moment that you think of it through out the day. Put up signs, sticky notes, and reminders to pray. Pray Isaiah 61:11 for God to bring restoration, revival, renewal & awakening here.

Join us in the PRAY150 challenge! We believe that God has GREAT things in store for us, for NJ and for this world. The next 150 days stand open before you, use them to be part of God’s plan to make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations. Pray with us and watch what God does!